Monday, August 13, 2007

profession: being a homeless

i came home from Northern Green Gathering today. Appropriately enough, i attended the 'cash free living' workshop (top stuff), and found a (or something) buddy in brighton. i did the cause and effect distro (consisting of: fantastic zines, mooncups, re-useable feminine products (eek!) and corporate watch reports, publications, newsletters and poetry books. oh, and a poetry book by the wondrous mahalia).

it took me from 7pm on saturday to 1.30 am on sunday to get there by my own steam with everything in tow, and pitch my fabulously liberated from latitude pop up tent. my feet actually bled :(

i also did me poeting last night, and nearly fell over at the massive applause i got for the climate camp poem. my stage got invaded by someone i suspect to be part of Thick Richard (anyone familiar with a poem about a judge and drugs?). twice. but it all went good. even though, on a friend's advice, i postponed the nudity until the *last* line of the naked poem, instead of the first verse, and ended up getting all flustered. and i was offered lsd for the first time ever, but declined gracefully :)

and my bubble had to burst sooner or later. i came home to be informed that my current flatsitting has been cut short by a fortnight, and i'm out tonight. i currently have no fixed address. i'm on a sofa tonight, at my brother's tomorrow, and in london for the next fortnight.

armed with cv's a-plenty, a sharp suit, bar skills and admin superhero capabilities, i will be whoring myself out for any available employment opportunities, as well as saving the world by climate camping somewhere in the middle.
and seeing dave, which is ALL I WANT TO DO AT THE MOMENT.

bizarrely enough, i applied for some london based verrr ethical jobs over the weekend, before i knew about my 'homeless' status.


wish me a fuckload of luck. Goldfish Nation (the zine) is postponed until i locate the box it's stored in again (clue: it's *somewhere* at *someone's* house in leeds. doesn't narrow it down much), and have a permanentish base.

and, i doubt he reads this, but a MASSIVE thank you to my brother si for driving up from coventry tonight to help me shift stuff, sorting me out with transport to london, and generally being a Very Good Egg.

all in all it's gonna be ok, it might just be that life's a little precarious for a while.


Anonymous carly said...

wishing you fuckloads of luck ;)

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