Thursday, July 05, 2007

irons in my fire

everything's a bit mental at the moment. but in an exceedingly good way.
this is re-posted from elsewhere, but with a few extra bits thrown in. it's cold hard fact versus silver linings....

cold hard fact: my landlady's a nutter who keeps telling me she's coming home and wants me to find somewhere new, and then next day i get messages saying all's fine and not to worry.
silver lining: i'm actually taking her seriously, so i'm looking at gettin into the whole housing co-op thing and it seems to be heading in the right direction. it's been part of my life plan for years.

cold hard fact: i have a bizarre habit of sending a particular unfortunate individual messages when drunk/having a bad day/both.*
silver lining: they've not (afaik) put me on ignore. reading through them in the cold light of day is strange - i think i've appointed them as my unofficial/unwilling counsellor - they get splurged at, and i get to actually work out where i'm coming from, and make a wee bit more sense of myself..... (massive thanks to them, they know who they are. and no massive apology, cos i think i'm at about at the stage where i've stopped doing it unnecessarily)

cold hard fact: i'm not working at the minute
silver lining: it's freeing me up to hurtle cross country, to do self indulgent wanky art stuff i love and the like. it also means the world's my oyster as far as working out what i'm *going* to do (well, bar jobs wot need a degree)

cold hard fact: i've set myself a deadline of six weeks to collate and assemble an estimated 60-80 page homemade magazine
silver lining: i'm getting *amazing* contributions coming in and meeting some fantastic and inspiring people as i do it.

cold hard fact: i'm being a vaguely political slightly activist and not many people listen
silver lining: one or two *do*. and that's enough for the moment.

cold hard fact: i didn't get the rats i was meant to
silver lining: i'm hopefully going to have a CATURDAY!!!1! soon, and they won't eat the rats :)

cold hard fact: one of the people i really would like to have next to me at the moment is 180 miles away
silver lining: i'm seeing them in a couple of weeks FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!1!! and they're bringing their 'tongue joy' with them

cold hard fact: i have been drinking gin tonight
silver lining: not *toooooooooooo* much of it. my 'sent items' folder is clean as a whistle, and i can still type.

cold hard fact: i'm being a media person and it's very scary indeed.
silver lining: i'm pushing myself, i'm actually doing something positive and worthwhile, and it's going to get me good skillz.

cold hard fact: i'm on the verge of *say this very quietly indeed* falling in love
silver lining: it's ace. he's ace. we're ace. (and i know he'll read this :) )

i think that's enough for now.

edit: not quite.
i'm putting on a gig in july, and have just (i think) booked a cowboy pirate band.

* to spare the said individual further messages containing rabid 'waaah', has come into existence.


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