Saturday, July 07, 2007

var about_me= Math.random()*8 (apparently)

mr jim bliss has set/been set another of them there meme things.
(also via tampon teabag and chicken yoghurt)

so kids.
eight bits of random about me, and one of them is barefaced lies.

1) i am the queen of cake. oreo cookie cheesecake and vegan choccie torte are specialities.

2) i lost my (boy) virginity in my boyfriend's grandmother's bed.

3) i only have one and a half nipples.

4) i have only ever been sacked from *one* job.

5) i have touched three people who have touched germaine greer. i haven't touched germaine greer though. yet.

6) i currently have over fifty vegetables steadily growing on my patio thing and meter cupboard.

7) my biggest ever regret is not saying yes to the lovely boy who asked me out on the bus years ago, and instead going home to twattish abusive ginger cuntyfuck ex.

8) i've slept with half a band. they were all twunts.

wanna join in? take it and run with it....

ps sorry it's all full of sauce. you can see where my mind's been recently, no?


Blogger RA said...

I have touched Germaine Greer. I sat next to her all the way to Atlanta on a plane about 10 yeras ago. We chatted quite a bit, though I can't remember what about (knowing me, music and food and socialism of the heart..). She was delightful.

11:06 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

oooh! can i touch you? my greertouchee count would appreciate it :)

12:05 am  
Blogger RA said...

You can.. one day.. You've proably touched people who've touched me quite a bit, so you're nearly there... :-)

9:35 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

are you a merrickan?
is that how we may have touched by proxy?
i suspect so :)

10:53 am  
Blogger RA said...

Yeppitty yep. I've known the mad turd for years and love him dearly. Last saw him at Church gig in london a couple of months ago. We hugged joyfully lots then, so give him a big hug next time you see him, you may just be able to smell Germaine Greer on him..



10:31 pm  

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