Monday, June 25, 2007

wake up with stephen fry!

yes, i know. he's gone twattishly advertish over the last few years, and gone down a peg or two in my esteem. but still, he's stephen fry. and i can't help but still love him.

imagine my joy at being sent a link to this: audio samples)

Modern alarm clocks are dreadfully uncouth, aren't they? The more refined gentleman prefers to be coaxed gently out of bed by his faithful manservant. After all a few choice words are infinitely more civilised than anything today's clanging contraptions can muster.

So wouldn't it be great if a velvety-voiced butler were to awaken you each day. And not just any old butler but an incredibly witty, quintessentially British butler. Someone like, say, Stephen Fry. Well guess what? Thanks to the Voco Clock, Mr Fry will do exactly that, and you won't even have to liaise with his agent.

This elegant talking alarm clock represents a radical departure from newfangled timepieces as it initially lures sleepers out of boboland with gentle birdsong. This is followed by a discreet cough. Next, the comforting words 'Good morning, Sir' will stir you from your slumber. Then you'll hear one of many amusing little messages recorded by Stephen Fry, owner of the most mellifluous voice in Her Maj's Empire. We love 'em all but a few favourites include:

Finally an alarm will sound until the rosette button is pressed, at which point the Voco will show its contempt for all things modern by dismissing the beeps with something along the lines of: 'Ghastly noise, I agree, Sir.'

As well as nearly 50 different wake-up messages, the Voco Clock features a 90-second relaxation message to help ease you to sleep. Oh, the sheer luxury of it. It really is like having your own personal butler. Played by Stephen Fry. Living in a traditional-looking alarm clock. (We could do with a bit of shut-eye ourselves).

The perfect gift for all you lazy blighters and twittish idlers, the Voco is guaranteed to raise a titter every time you hear its inspired one-liners. So hurry up and hit the Buy Button. Because to quote the butler: 'Sir has a firm touch, but very fair.

it's my birthday next month :)


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