Thursday, July 05, 2007

ponygirls but wronger

About us:

Zoe and Dave were discussing what to do one evening, and one of them (both are too generous and/or ashamed to claim ownership) flippantly suggested dressing up as ponygirls and taking photos.

Some filthy vodka later, a saddle had been created usinig a pizza box and a very sharp knife, as had a makeshift tail. A cowboy hat and cameraphone were uncorporately procured, and a harness was improvised with a belt.

Dave proved to be a loyal steed, and Zoe held the reins properly (fingers round, thumbs to the sky) and *everything*.

We encourage our fellow ponygirlsbutwrongers to grasp the bit between their teeth, prepare to mount and to get out their best horseshoes.

Who we'd like to meet:

By all means add us to your myspace friends. We'd *really* love you to send us *your* photos of *you* being ponygirls but wronger.

Post them on our (heavily moderated) myspace comments section, or just send them straight to us for a giggle.

No sauce, nudity or inflatable animals, please. We're British.

n.b. If you don't know what a ponygirl is, we recommend that you google. Very 18+ and not at all safe for work or those with a nervous disposition. Zoe and Dave cannot be held responsible for any distress caused, or damage emerging from tea being snorted out of your nose. Thank you.


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