Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the naked poet

so. i have a new facet.
went to latitude (see next post) and i am now King Zo, Performance Poet Extraordinaire (aka The Nudest Woman Alive).

performed on the same stage as john hegley, roger mcgough, simon armitage, steve larkin, thick richard and murray lachlan watt. admittedly it was only open mic that i did, but hey. and i did it twice - the friday and the saturday - and only not thrice cos they ran out of time on the sunday slot :)

i may set up yet another myspace id. not written anything for twelve years, then i caught latitude madness and produced five over three days. and they're all a bit good :)

props solely consisting of my poetry book, some gaffertape-covered climate camp flyers in strategic places, a crown composed also of gaffertape and flyers, and a bucketload of enthusiasm.

the nekkid poem was saved til last :)

someone's already sent me a review:......
"the crowd explodes at the naked poet, who despite her nudity offers evocative verses on the nature of passion and desire, before urging the audience to strip" (and then it slightly misquotes the bit about hollywood - heh):

so kids, here you go.


when i rule the world
(which i will, if i get my way)
i'll change the names of days of the week
so it's always Nakedday

(note: it's at this point that the frock comes off and the gaffer tape comes out....)

cos we've all got body beautiful
yes! me! and you! and you!
we should revel in our glory
and appreciate the view

cos censorship gets on my tits
naked does *not* mean rude
and if you're offended by god's good gifts,
well, frankly, you're a prude

cos hollywood will show you blood
and rape and hate and gore,
but show 'em a willy or lady bits
and they'll show you the door

so. people! join me! hear my cry!
prepare to take a bow!
show off your lumpy wobbly bits
and shed your clothing now!

photos provided by the lovely ms lisa rocket. more available here:


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