Saturday, August 29, 2009

climate camp 2009 go!
and has been for a few days now.

they swooped on london on wednesday - six separate 'swoops' receiving text messages revealing the camp's whereabouts that afternoon.
and it's at blackheath.

i couldn't get there until yesterday evening, but they obviously coped just fine in my absence - there have been actions held at the carbon exchange on thursday, and yesterday kick-started an anti-bank holiday at barclays.

there's a fantastically well-functioning site, compost toilets, excellent communal cooking and some well worth it workshops - and i'm off back there now with me tent.

see y'all down there....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the national - royal festival hall, 10 august


start a war
mistaken for strangers
baby, we'll be fine
slow show
vanderlyle cry baby
squalor victoria
all the wine
racing like a pro
apartment story
fake empire


green gloves
blood buzz
mr. november
about today

i was in seat k9 :)
new album rumoured to be out next year. and the new stuff's sounding brilliant......