Saturday, June 23, 2007

new love

we met about a month ago.
after a wee while apart, we're together again.

they're environmentally conscious, kickassedly sassy and flexible. there when i need them, and make no demands on me :)

we had an intense, whirlwind start to our relationship. it was, admittedly, a little messy in parts. but very intimate very fast. and finger skillz were involved.

i can see this becoming a long term thing.

meet my new wonderful:

to quote my favourite 'living' magazine, knockback,

"Now when i use tampons they feel harsh and unnatural and wrong, and when friends ask me covertly for a tampon in the pub, i answer Mooncup darling, MooooncuP. I don't have to worry about access to tampons, or about disposing of them discreetly. I never have to ask some woman for two 20ps."

thumbs up, girls.

or rather, mooncups up girls :)


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