Sunday, June 24, 2007

king me

i'm starting an intensive campaign to become known as 'king zo'. i used to live with a girl called king jen, and i think it's a mightily good idea to create your own royalty.

on wednesday i went to meet/stalk a random ginger funny internets writing man at a gig.

he wasn't there.
neither was anyone else apart from the people performing.

instead of being king, i was temporarily prince charles for the night, having my own private concert.

there was strawberry beer. there was speed reading of the rime of the ancient mariner (complete with giggles). there was improv drumming and didgeridoo sax. there was playing of cymbals with violin bows.
it was all rather damned good.

these two charming men were responsible for it:

richard and paul .

there was also fine conversation about eating furniture, cooking schnitzel, and my cover as a kgb agent was rumbled. and they let me have a fuffle on the drums.

anyhows, they appear to be doing various things around west yorkshire in the near future.
enthralling, enrapturing, genuinely silly and very good indeed.
catch them if you can.


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