Tuesday, August 21, 2007

zine submission appeal mark #2

this is gonna be 'stickied' until the current deadline (august 21st).

i make a zine, it is called goldfish nation. it's a top publication. first issue was march 06 (technically - long story). next issue will be september.

contributions (words, pictures, other) are wanted.

clicky here for more info on previous and upcoming publications.

DIY (interpret that however you like) is the theme for the second issue. if you want to send something in, click here".

thank you xxx

ps. it's also going to come with a free cd, which is shaping up to be very very interesting :)

i also made a GN gig night at the Packhorse, Woodhouse Lane, Leedssicks, on 2nd August, to make up for the brudenell losses (see further below in this post). we covered costs, and made enough for a pint or two and a packet of tobacco. it was good.

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a fundraiser gig was held on 27th july to try raise money to make issue 2 free...... it was at leeds brudenell social, and featured epic 45, tim and sam, home of the brave (also see their flyer below, and thee northcoats. a fab night was had by all, but unfortunately, minus thirty six quid profit was made.

if you would like to donate to the Make GN Free fund without having to come to any gigs at all, then please click on the above button. or if you would like to come to gigs and also donate, then please do that too.

thank you xx


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