Tuesday, January 29, 2008

seven good things

righty, a small return to blogging, thanks to merrick on bristling badger and jim at the quiet road...

so yes. seven things that are good.


nick cave touring in may

henry the octopus (my one plant at the moment has survived two moves over the last six weeks, and is growing cheerily. i have no idea what he is, but he's kind of green and purple....)

giant beanbags

maddy. not the famous one, but my blokey's niece. she's three, amazing and has decided that my full title is 'friend zoe'. he gets to be called 'unkie dave'. i'm not sure which is sickeningly cuter.

gumtree (dodgy landlords? short term lets in horrific properties? it's got it all... i think i might end up living all over london in the space of a year thanks to this site)

bea, the co-creator of fred and rosemary vest (cheerful pearly queen covers act with a slight hint of menace). she is a gingery goddess, and very fond of pink lady (which costs much cheapness a bottle and unfortunately isn't pink). we bonded in an office, cackling over filing and 90's indie. and then both got sacked within a month of each other :)


Anonymous Jim Bliss said...

"Nick Cave touring in May"

Yeah, but apparently he's only doing one gig here in Ireland and it's a big festival thing. Very annoying. Last time I saw him was in a fairly small venue and he rocked! I'm not sure he'll be too great in a stadium / arena sized place. Then again, who is?

5:06 pm  
Anonymous rachel said...


she cant wait to see you tomorrow, keeps saying "friend zoe is coming, friend zoe is coming" very cute...and yes your right, slighty sickening!!

12:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay, you're back on the interwebbyblogosphere! Stick around, non?!

3:37 pm  
Blogger merrick said...

Madam Fabulous,

I have once again tagged you to write us a little something. It's the Seven Songs meme, requiring - as the name strongly implies - you to write about seven tracks that are really doing it for you right now.


11:52 am  

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