Tuesday, June 05, 2007

tim and sam

http://www.timandsam.com. click for aural beauty.

sounds like:

Something you'd listen to on a train....like the end of summer, when things aren't so hot anymore, but the sun still warms your face in the evening and when you close your eyes, you can only see orange and golds.

about their name:

"Some of you eager beavers may have noticed a bulletin asking for opinions on a name change. We received about 2345591 messages telling us not to, so we will keep it the same. However, we like the idea of a flexible name. Here are some acceptable alternatives:

Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band
The Tim and Sam Band
Tim and Sam's Tim and Sam Band
Tim and Sam's Tim and Sam Band with Tim and Sam
That band with lots of Tim and Sams

If you have any other name queries then please ask here. Word.


a couple of reviews:

TaSTatSBwTaS are a guy called Tim and his band, of which there are usually six, none of which are called Sam. When they play live, half the members wear T-Shirts with 'Tim' written on them, no one wears a T-Shirt with 'Sam' written on it. Only one member, Tim, is called Tim. They make instrumental music with acoustic guitars, clarinets, cellos, glockenspeils and ahhhhs. The sound is organic, melodious and, well, cute; kinda like a forest saying goodnight to all the little woodland creatures. In my experience, it's rare to find a band that attempts to channel youthful awkwardness into something so graceful and unashamedly uncool--I think it's great.


More Sams next, and some Tims too, with Manchester's daftest named band of the moment TIM AND SAM'S TIM AND THE SAM BAND WITH TIM AND SAM - although how many of each comprise the six people onstage (two of whom are female, although I suppose they could be Sams too) is unclear. Nope - after a bit of research it transpires this Sam is actually Tim's imaginary friend. Still with us? Good. Tim and his real friends play lovely indie-flavoured melodic post-rock with gorgeous peals of acoustic guitars, a clarinet and a glockenspiel propped up on an ironing board. This seems, for some reason, quite important - in a genre where it sometimes seems bands are trying to out-pretentious each other they seem warm, organic and very down-to-earth, and the good-natured feel of the whole evening continues as Troubles' Mike Siddell joins them on violin towards the end. The only vocals are a few gentle "ahh"s but they tell us one track called "Seeds" is about gardening, which seems to fit the rather pastoral spirit of it all; they are justifiably well received and soon everyone's forgotten that it's dark and horrible and pissing down outside.

tim's take on it all:

Hello there. I'm Tim. I like making music. Approximately 11 years and 32 days ago, I picked up a guitar....and ever since then I've been writing songs. As time went by I started to try writing with other people who play other instruments. These include Bass, Glockenspiel, Marimba, Banjo, Ukulele, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano and drums. We try to sing a bit too, but it usually only goes as far as ahhs.

This summer we decided to try and record some songs to show off our skills. They've all been done at my house, with a little help from a few kind friends.

P.S Sam is my imaginary friend. He helps us write songs and get to sleep at night. He also plays guitar and writes some rather ace songs, but we never really got round to doing it together.

listen and fall in love.


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Well don't they sound rather lovely! Liking them a lot xx

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