Saturday, June 16, 2007


right now i'm a big mess of tired and ache.

i did london last week.
today i did nottingham.

it involved getting up at ten to six, missing my coach, going to see my mum, getting a later coach and meeting a lovely boy.
and his lovely girlfriend.

i drank belgian chocolate, ate good food, ignored the fact i was penniless for want of an internet connection, got good hug, and had the best ever shoulder rub in a massive storm with exploding cars.

owing to pennilessness* and layabout friends not being where they said they'd be with money owed, i had to walk home from town in torrents of rain and be soaked to death.

i then went to see aforementioned layabout friend. he told me to watch a video, and that i would like it because it had cute animals in.

it was this.

i cried for five minutes.

tomorrow i'm hurtling to manchester at ouch o'clock in the morning for this. i'm taking a talking stick to thwack 'em on the head with.
afterwards i have a date with a lady, a duvet, three week's worth of dr who, and a bottle of whisky.

wish her luck.

*i kept writing this as 'penislessness'. call freud, now.


Blogger zoe said...

i didn't hurtle at ouch in the morning.
instead i was too hungover to move until five in the afternoon. i didn't make any hippy meeting until half three the following day.
they gave me free cuppas though. and were all righteous and cool and shit :)

all win.

4:44 pm  

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