Tuesday, June 12, 2007

best weekend in teh world... evah!!1!!.!!

this weekend was extraordinary.

i spent twenty five hours straight awake.

i spent about nine hours hurtling across the country.

i was a pirate for a lot of saturday.

here's a picture of a pirate that wasn't me:
here is a picture of a pirate that was me (i'm in the pink stripey):

i met a plethora of *very* pretty boys. yes. very. pretty. mmm...

i hung out with a very very inspiring woman named diane, who bought me cider and didn't mind my 'arrrr!'ing in public.

i was also a brixton dj (stage name, according to flyers, is 'more'. can't find one from saturday, so here's an old one to give you an idea of what i was doing).
oh, and here's me about to be dj'ing

i laughed so hard i though i had damaged myself.

i forgot geraniums, and sacrificed three good things to the god of london.

i met a yorkie called kali, and tried to kidnap her.:
skills! i got *lots* of new skills.

i had *delightful* company

i gawped at an unlikely named six foot tall mentalist for several hours, and almost missed my coach home due to said gawpiness. want. lots.

i cannot has unlikely named six foot tall mentalist :(

most worrying of all, i'm starting to understand why no quarter published this....


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