Monday, February 06, 2006

chasing clogs & the books writeup - clogs and blogs

the music - clogs

i went to the gigs in malton-ish (the shed), glasgow (the arches) and brighton (corn exchange).

clogs were incredible - like having a scalp massage. and in some kind of karma revenge, the only pic that came out was the one of the violinist dude. blurrily.

a few quotes from the blog of brooklyn vegan:
"I was all stressed when I showed up for this gig, and Clogs took the knot right out of my lower back."

"The Clogs, a side project of The National were mellow and dreamy with viola/violin/mandolin player Padma Newsome (wasn't that Natalie Portman's character in Star Wars?) taking up most of the spot light with spectacular and intense command of his instruments. I sat down on Tonic's concrete floor and was taken away for most of the show. The standard instrumentation was bassoon, drums/steel drum, guitar and violin/viola. Recommended for those who enjoy sophisticated, calm instrumental music ."

i'd never seen a bassoon before in my life. it was great. they combined on stage to make haunting, beautiful, happy, mournful, comical and reflective sounds, changing mood and instruments, and their collaboration with the books on a few songs was inspired.

set list (as far as i remember - i've procrastinated about doing this for about three weeks now)

the song of the cricket (as he hears it himself)
death and the maiden ("death to the maiden? death for the maiden?" an improvisation on a schubert piece)
compass (i think)
thom's night out
for hugo
kapsburger (?)

they shared the tour (and the stage, at some parts) with the books - see next post.

this is clogs. (should play on your media player a sec or few after you click the links)

pencil stick
medley of songs from the newest album, lantern
mysteries of life
who's down now?
i'm very sad
clogs video


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