Monday, January 09, 2006

10 million girls in 20 years


Blogger drphunk said...

humanity is so fucked up some times.

girls are cool. indian girls are really cool (in my opinion). send them all to scotland. the population is falling and we can always do with more pretty girls.

on a less flipant note i guess this is an example of the evils of modern medicine and technology. it's sad that techniques that have been designed to help people and make lives better can be misused in such an abhorant way. If we didn't have ante-natal screening the world would be a very different place. How many mozarts, einsteins or other potentially great people were lost in that 10 million?


11:48 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

indeed phunky. how many germaine greers, jacqueline glennies, marie curies and frida kahlos have been lost (y'see what i did there? did ya?)

i'm very pro abortion, but find it repulsive when carried out on the basis of gender.

9:24 pm  
Blogger drphunk said...

yeah, I tried to remember marie curies name but I couldn't cos i'm crap so i just carried on and tried to gloss over the whole issue. the name 'margaret thatcher' kept appearing in my mind and i don't like her so i didn't write it down. it was like OCD. scary. sorry for my unintended sexism.

women have a right to choose but i'm not sure that women are choosing not to have baby girls and if it is their choice what does that say about the culture they live in? abortion is a good thing if it allows a woman to control her own life but it is a bad thing if someone else makes the decision

the world ain't right sometimes

10:57 pm  
Blogger *shattered star said...

The scary thing is I can't see how this can be stopped without a wholescale reevaluation of socio-cultural-political-economic systems. Everything is so interwoven.

And this is in a country proclaimed as one of the more 'progressive' of the 'developing' countries...but 'advanced' nations are nowhere near eradicating sexism, which is institutionalised and socially-accepted.

I suspect as technology improves, we will see the situation in the West more in terms of abortions in the case of possible minor birth 'defects' and so on.

methinks the so-called 'pro-life' lobbyists are gonna jump all over this one...

wow, that was a long comment with too many '' '' ...sorry! :*

12:06 am  
Blogger drphunk said...


there are two big issues here. As a white scottish guy i don't really feel comfortable with saying 'my culture is better than yours' because i know that my culture, scottish culture, is deeply flawed. but at the same time i don't think that babies should be selected on a gender basis against random chance. why should a boy be more important than a girl? what's the difference?

the other issue is that it is a womans right to control her fertility. that's why we have condoms. that's why we have the pill. that's why we have abortions. why should a woman be forced to have a baby she doesn't want? should she be forced to die of acute appendicitis? if she breaks her leg when she goes skiing should we just not surgically repair it?

I don't think that one persons right to choose is really the same as a culture not placing women on the same level as men. I am comfortable to condem the cultural trend while supporting the individual right

sadly, we can't change this and what we think is right is not what everyone thinks is right

anyway, that's enough liberal pessimism. bad for my blood pressure.


12:03 am  

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