Thursday, January 12, 2006

chasing clogs and the books

i do like this chasing bands around the country thing. thanks for introducing me to it, m, and for encouraging and abetting me in it (when you remember) :)

righty. clogs and the books tour dates:

1.28.06 :: Sat :: Bristol, UK :: Cube Cinema

1.30.06 :: Mon :: Norwich, UK :: Norwich Arts Centre :: 8:00 pm

1.31.06 :: Tue :: North Yorkshire, UK :: The Shed :: 8:00 pm

2.1.06 :: Wed :: Glasgow, UK :: The Arches :: 7:30 pm

2.2.06 :: Thu :: Gateshead, UK :: The Sage Gateshead :: 8:00 pm

2.3.06 :: Fri :: London, UK :: The Luminaire :: 7:30 pm

2.4.06 :: Sat :: Brighton, UK :: Corn Exchange :: 8:00 pm

2.5.06 :: Sun :: Coventry, UK :: Warwick Arts Centre

clogs: they're not really like anything else i listen to. it's not a bad thing though.

the books are really exciting me at the moment - can't wait to see how they come across live.

press blurb about clogs:
The biggest drawback to Thom's Night Out is that it won't fit logically anywhere in your music collection. A case could be made for including it with your world-music stuff or with your classical discs or even with the rock CDs-somewhere between Camper Van Beethoven and Costello, Elvis. The four-piece ensemble uses Western classical instruments to play pop-structured songs that can sound like klezmer music, traditional Indian melodies or even medieval monody. Padma Newsome plays the violin and viola and also composed most of the tunes. Thomas Kozumplik plays all manner of percussion, including steel drums, and Bryce Dessner plays classical guitar while Rachael Elliott fills out the ensemble on bassoon. Sound like an odd combination? It is, but the honed chops and unique harmonic sensibility somehow hold it all together. Fans of rock's slo-mo movement will feel right at home, and so will their parents. It is overall refreshing in its originality and bravado; few new CDs in any genre will do as much to challenge the way you listen to music.

the books ("Appalachian-tinged electronica ensemble) interview & faq:

right. i'm gonna go to the gigs at The Shed, The Arches, possibly The Luminaire and The Corn Exchange. (phunky, take note - i'm gonna be in glasgae from about five on the first of feb, through to five on the second. i will be drinking with lesbanians after the gig, but think i will have some free time the next day, if you're around?


Blogger drphunk said...


will be definitly at work 9 to 5 both days. not sure what on-calls I have but I could maybe get you for a quick coffee or pint before the arches gig. do you have an email address and i'll send you my email/mobile number


9:18 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

sounds good n!


8:03 pm  
Blogger drphunk said...

you have mail

9:44 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

right, luminaire's sold out but it looks like i'm doing brighton.
excellent stuff :)

9:08 pm  

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