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seriously serious - mothers against knives - please sign the petition

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"The campaign was started in 2003 after the tragic death of Robert Dunne, Barbara's son who was stabbed in the back with a samuria sword and bled to death in the street, Barbara tirelessly campaigned and then joined forces with councilor Joan McTigue, and the successful mothers against knives campaign was founded.

mothers against knives

Mothers against knives was founded in July 2005 by two Middlesbrough Mothers, Barbara Lesley Dunne & Councillor Joan McTigue.
This campaign has the full backing of many Chief Constables and MP`s from all over the U.K. and these two Mothers have gathered 5,000 signitures.
The Rt. Hon. Hazel Blears M.P. has proposed a blanket ban on samuria swords from being sold in the High Street, car boot sales and the Internet.
However ,the campaign is to have some form of legislation to either ban or restrict severly the sale of bladed weapons e.g. machettes, combat knives ect.
Figures out recently show that the crime rate involving knives is at an all time high, far higher than gun crime !
We urge anyone reading this page, whether they are a parent or not, to join us in trying to make this country of ours a safer place for all.
Please sign our petition. Thankyou."

and thank you lisa for bringing this to people's attention. x


Blogger merrick said...

On a sort of related tip, the reliably excellent Zoe Williams said:


Criminality follows the same patterns as always but we have changed our way of addressing it. We refuse, now, to discuss violent crime as a function of poverty. As a result, we can no longer address crime as the province of a social group, since when you reject a financial explanation, you're left with nothing but conjecture and bigotry. Isn't it funny how knife crime often occurs on council estates? Isn't it strange that gun crime is the preserve of young black men?

Without the courage to blame a rich/poor divide, or the brass neck to be openly racist, we fall back on ludicrous answers. Blame hip-hop. Blame 50 Cent. Blame a lack of respect. Easier still, blame the guns, blame the knives.

2:19 am  
Blogger zoe said...

thank you m.
does this mean that you're against signing the petition? or am i grasping your stick by the wrong end?

11:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my son was murdered oct 05 stabbed through the heart he was only 20yrs old. The trial starts in feb 06,we are praying the man gets life. It should never had happened,my son had everything to live for,and its ruined our lives.I happened outside a pub,I think they should have metal detectors in all pubs.

6:30 pm  
Anonymous pauline softley said...

I,m the mother of daniel massey who was murdered outside the arbourthorne pub in sheffield. The landlord stabbed him twice the second stab was straight through his heart and he died. Today he was sentenced to life in prison,with the recommendation that he serves 17yrs before parole.Our family are pleased with the outcome,but we know it will never bring daniel back,but we have justice for him.

8:51 pm  

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