Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new year!

ok, so it's technically monday now but i'm going to treat it like it's still new years day.

hope any/everyone reading has had a good festive period and that your 2006 is better,bigger and brighter than your 2005.

i'm in glasgow at the minute, wide awake from a bit too much coffee and not nearly enough alcohol. i've been here since friday afternoon, meeting a group of fantastic internet lesbanians i've been 'talking' to for a few years now, but have never had the opportunity to put faces to names before. i'm one of the splinter group of durtae bisexuals, but i insist that my lesbian passport's still valid.

i'm having a ball. i made cheesecake yesterday, which was gorgeous this evening. the top bird who's putting me up (or should that be putting up with me?) has two brilliant kids, a wicked sense of humour, cooks a dinner that makes me want to propose, and, uh, has a very large cock, according to illicit photos. i spent last night with a flatful of br'ers, drank too much wine and fell asleep on the sofa far too early, apparently snoring gently. got woken up at twoish? to find we were being kicked out due to High Lesbian Drama's (which are inevitable when you get more than one lesbian in a room). sadly, although someone brought it, no twister was played.

i have very very large gaps in my memory, but i'm assured i was neither being a tit, nor getting my tits out. which is nice. got in at 5am, crawled into a bunkbed, demanded cups of tea and passed out. hurrah.

thanks gd, kiwi, seiva, sneezy (i love you), clam, teaqueen, uppy, thongy, ureally, glossy, glossy's beloved, charmed, ster, ib, and scottie , both for one of the best new years eves i've ever had, and for making me laugh, snort, cry, mad, smile, frown and boke via the glory of the internet and the blue rooms.

x x x x to you all

edit: due to insomniac caffeine drinking and habitual bad tendancies, i had a joint on gd's doorstep after posting this. i looked at the sky for ages before i lit up, and it was clearer, more midnight blue and had brighter stars than i have seen for years. everything was quiet. i knew that the dark hills were on the horizon, even though it was pitch black. glasgow is such a beautiful place, i'd like to live there more than i would sweden. as i was marvelling at the loveliness, i saw a shooting star.

even though i almost missed my train this morning and hopefully entertained gd with my flapping about, it's been sooooo nice.
tar lots tarce. and pure excellent to david for saving my ass this morning! x


Blogger drphunk said...

How long are you in Glasgow for?

I'll probably be in the 13th note on tuesday night although I'm knee-deep in exams at the mo

1:32 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

ah phunky you've missed me - i've just got home.

next time i'm up i'll let you know!

hope you had a good winterval!

zoe x

4:43 pm  
Blogger drphunk said...

It was good but too short as always.

If you do come up to glasgow be sure and give me a shout. Assuming I'm not at work I'd make the effort to meet up.

Glad you enjoyed the city despite the freezing cold!


6:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey hey you sweet little thing! Tis GD! Am still eating cheesecake mmmm

Great to meet you! You have first dibs on my couch or up a ladder anytime! Next time you come up we shall take you round the pubs and I promise no further HLD! Well I promise not to start it at least! ;-)

a shooting star huh? cool

nighty night you x

11:47 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

woo! gd! thanks for that!

do i get gay male porn too? or is that just for *select* ladies (those with the fantapants you're trying to get into?)

oh and mail me your address - i have Things to send you!

and sweet i can *just* about cope with, but little...? i'll have you know i'm taller than seiva. even *without* boots on.

pass the cheesecake tin onto kiwi, unless you want the recipe....?

(slipping teh tongue - heh)


12:08 am  
Anonymous c'lam said...

hehe - it was good to meet you at last too.

i can't promise anything on the lesbian drama front - it just seems to happen around me.

cheesecake recipe please.

2:09 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

yay clam - lovely to meet you too!
recipe sent.

god this is turning into the woman's hour blog.

wanna post pictures of your freestyle knitting too? ;)

4:07 pm  
Anonymous c'lam said...

i may do that onvce i knit my own superduper scarf

10:38 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

well? is it knitted yet?
i demand to know.

9:13 pm  

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