Monday, February 13, 2006

super gigs and not so super markets

this month is officially a month for gigging.

so far:

feb 1st - clogs & the books - the arches - glasgow
feb 2nd - quack quack - the pack horse - leeds
feb 2nd - colder - the faversham - leeds
feb 4th - clogs & the books - corn exchange - brighton
feb 10th - being 747, western suburbs & shout out louds - cockpit - leeds

to come:
feb 16th - go! team - leeds metropolitan university - leeds
feb 21st - beth orton - leeds metropolitan university - leeds
feb 23rd - julian cope - leeds metropolitan university - leeds

i believe being 747 are playing the horse on the 25th, and there's bound to more small ones coming up too.


today is also officially a day for blogging.

this metro clipping has followed me through several house moves and been pinned on a fair few kitchen walls (can you tell?)

jimmy mclcaughlin of edinburgh, whoever you may be, i heart you.

right. 9x9 finished (maybe another edit if i get the ok to tag someone else that i'd rather ask first).. books posts written up, other stuff done.. all that's left is the clogs writeup.


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