Sunday, February 12, 2006

and the quiet become suddenly verbose

(click on the above link and listen to the words)

"and meanwhile, statues are bleeding green, and others are saying things much better than we ever could, as the quiet become suddenly verbose"

or to be a little less classy, i could misquote the monty python lumberjack song: "i type all night and i type all day".
something's a bit weird. i can't stop writing. i also can't tell if i'm just churning out shite

jim bliss, i'm blaming you and your ridiculous productivity. it was the blog meme that set me off. did you put something in the earl grey too?

thank you.

"expectation... leads to disappointment. if you don't expect something big, huge and exciting, you usually, uh... ah, i don't know"


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