Thursday, March 08, 2007

101st post, apparently

i'm distracting myself from filling in an application form at the moment. if i get the job, i'll fall over in shock but be a very happy bunny indeed.

it's all change again here. i stop working in corporate procurement (even if it *is* public sector, it's still pants) three weeks tomorrow. i'd like to put this on the noticeboard before i leave though:

i'm sure they find me weird too... i don't find them weird in the traditional sense (well, apart from the world's hairiest man who breathes loudly through his nose and somehow makes me feel physically sick to be around), i find them bizarre in that they actually seem to be passionate about what they're doing, while i can't muster up the slightest bit of enthusiasm for making sure that my local council gets a tiptop deal on water coolers.

i'm moving in *counts on fingers* twenty three days. i'm going to be a leodian again, after all my previous hissy-fitting-flouncing-off-ness. no matter how shit leeds felt, other places have proved to be shitter..... i've got a fantastic flat to move into, the offer of a pink bike and possibly taking on an allotment; the prospect of all of which are making me pretty happy.

instead of doing the whole 'moving and thinking everything's going to be *fantastic*' thing, i'm looking at it as 'i'm moving and everything's going to be ok'.

fingers crossed it will be.

on my list of things to do are:
start swimming
learn to knit
start up a night again
do another zine
get a job that makes me actually feel ok about going to work
laugh, smile, get drunk and fall over (in a *good* way) a hell of a lot more than i have done recently.
sort out putting this blog onto wordpress, cos me and google blogger sure aren't getting on too well together. grrr.


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