Thursday, March 01, 2007

back from the back of beyond

well, i figured it was about time i stopped neglecting blogging.

lots of ridiculousness and fuckuppery since the last post, but i won't bore you (if anyone reads this) with the details...

except for one thing. i'm not entirely sure how, but i've managed to wind up in the dullest job i've ever encountered. i recently had the misfortune to have to attend an 'away day', where we (well, everyone else) spent the afternoon discussing 'team strategies' and then had a councillor turn up to tell us all about 'snaring suppliers and seeing the whites of their eyes'. ugh. i thought the pub quiz afterwards might be a kind of saving grace, but no. it turned out to be five pages of poorly-photocopied pictures of celebrities when they were little. there were seventy two of them to try and identify. i couldn't leave fast enough...
i've handed in my notice (i did it before the awayday - such foresight!). no idea what i'll end up doing instead, but at least it's not gonna be what i'm doing now.

on a nicer note, thanks to the wonder that is norman records' weekly email update, i stumbled across a writeup for ballads of the book. "the concept is that writers send in poetry and they are in turn put into a song by recording artists... all freed up from the lyric side of things to concentrate on the tunes." musicians include james yorkston, aidan moffat, sons and daughters, malcolm middleton, vashti bunyan, king creosote and idlewild, with writing from ali smith, ian rankin, edwin morgan and a host of others..... i was starting to wonder whether it'd be one of those things that'd be a nice idea but terrible in practice, but the couple of tracks i've listened to on the website are absolutely fantastic. hopefully the rest (when it arrives) will be just as good.

now for the obligatory the national mention... they have a new album out on the 21st...

...and are playing london astoria on may 22nd.
i'm quite looking forwards to may.

right - that's more than enough excitement for one post - i'm off to make my mind up whether i like grinderman or not.


Anonymous Jim Bliss said...

Welcome back!

About bloody time too.

3:29 am  
Blogger zoe said...

thank you jim - about bloody time indeed :)

11:16 pm  

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