Monday, May 08, 2006


i have a new home. it's verr nice.

i did indeed have pizza and champagne on the first night. and strawberries in the champagne. forgot to change into me frock though. oh well.

the move went without too many hitches, the cats are settled in (and out) and i've made friends (well, am on nodding terms) with the three large spiders in the shed. i realised last night that you can have starlit baths thanks to the skylights upstairs too...

one set of neighbours have done the whole introducing-themselves/'if-there's-anything-you-need' speech, which i've only ever read about in books up til now. bob (cat) saw his first ever horse going down the road yesterday, and i'm sure i'm driving the other neighbours insane with my whistling kettle and penchant for cups of tea in the wee small hours... there's no cashpoint in my village, you have to go to the next one for that (they have bright lights and the heady glitz of a focus store and a kfc too). as far as i know, the only 'chain' store we got here is a londis - everything else is local/independent. we do have a four lane bowling alley and pool club though.

i think i'm liking village life. the only downside so far is evil dialup interweb connection - soon to be broadbanded up though.

my geography's appalling, i'll make no bones about that. so, even though i'm not technically in the manchester area, or even a manchester postcode, the fact that i'm within easy reach of manc makes my brain override those small details. i'm counting myself as an honorary mancunian (the manchester evening news is strewn around my train home - it counts, dammit!).

my lodger (another zoe) is due to move in mid-june til september, and my housemate proper's due to take her place when she moves out. i forsee much ridiculousness and dressing up to come (bagsy the 'tache when we do drag). i have a couple of weeks to swing from the chandaliers on my own and settle in, which is good.

not made it to a single gig as yet, but i have impressed myself with my unpacking, commuting and sunday lunch cooking skills. it looks like i got out of leeds at *precisely* the right moment - the metaphorical fireworks have started to go off since i left and ,by god, they're big ones.



Blogger *shattered star said...

Yay for you, glad you're settling in. So, proper village life eh?...get ready to run people out of town with pitchforks and the like ;)

6:14 pm  

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