Friday, May 19, 2006

musical mayhem

i've been avoiding the news for a while, so you'll have to excuse the lack of politick/current affairs/ranting and the like at the moment.

however, i *have* been embracing the manchester music scene with open arms and sloppy kisses.

so far, i have seen morrigan, a traditional celtic folk band, do an excellent set at olivers bar in ashton under lyme, and somehow got meself a dj'ing slot. and they've offered to *pay* me to do it, after a trial run. lordy. i also discovered that the gents toilets have the best acoustics in lancashire, as the band, myself and their manager performed an impromptu acapella gig there. great stuff.....

wednesday was dreams money can buy's night at the roadhouse. thick richard provided excellent ranty verse (such as 'dyke on a bike', 'school for ugly girls' - which apparently once resulted in one of them being slapped and called a cunt by an enraged woman who climbed on stage - and a fantastic one about setting out to trap bungle from rainbow, luring him with coco pops, skinning him and hanging his bloody severed head from the fireplace. also on the hit list were the teletubbies' po, ermintrude the cow, and barney the dinosaur was threatened with extinction....).

next up were the incredible 'holy fuck'.. holy fuck indeed. sadly i couldn't afford the shocking pink knickers with their name on them from the merch stall.

top of the bill was buck 65 - what i saw was absolutely brilliant, but i had to leave for the last train home about four songs in. bugger.

last night was the dry bar, to see eddyfink unfortunately, me & me local neighbour decided to sit in the bar upstairs while we waited for their slot to come up... went back down at the alloted time to see them, to find them coming off stage, as one of the other bands had thrown a strop and demanded the running order to be shuffled.

plans are underfoot for a manchester weekender in august - a quiet/acoustic day at dry bar and a loud one at the roadhouse. watch this space for more details


Blogger radical supergirly said...

thick richard rock.
they've done a couple of spoken word nights in oxford. My favourite is 'I like my rock stars dead'.

5:18 pm  

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