Monday, February 13, 2006

a little light relief - i will not mention the national again

until may. apart from this post (unless, of course, they do something newsworthy like explode, become sainted or break up).

in a moment of boredom the other day, i set a caption competition on the blue rooms, using a picture from their 'indie rock showdown' football thing they posted on their site. i thought i'd share the contributions with you.

"Try as they might, the National *still* couldn't spot the hundred to one scale model of my ex boyfriend's willy."

"Miles was determined to beat Hector lighting Victor's impending fart"

"Look and see if [zoe]'s still following us. I really can't run any more!"

"The National's back line didn't really stand a chance..."

"Maybe one day we'll be able to afford trousers that fit..."

"Do we have to play leap frog again, george ????????"

"Phillip bent over and showed them why he had been voted best balls in Benidorm."

(far left)"I've got the lard! Assume the position!!"

someone (hello c'lam!)even once wrote me a poem about .. well .. band stalking cos i go on about them too much.

"zoe's a fan of the national
just the thought makes her act all irrational
she follows them round
ev'ry city and town
spending every last bit of her cash 'n all."

appropriately enough, saturday presented me with a dilemma. a £20 budget and a zine-fest in manchester with a lady i don't see often enough and her distro in tow..
and i sat and thought it through. and decided that £20 would be better spent on catfood, veg and uni books.

it was a cloud with a silver lining because *this* event came to my attention as i spent an evening in. i got a ticket faster than a ferret down trousers.
(worry not, gentle reader, i have a veg box on order and paid up already, and have stocked up on the whiskas [the picky fuckers won't eat anything else. apart from my dinner. hmph] and environmentally friendly cat litter, so we're not starving for the love of music or anything like that).


Event: National
Venue: Scala275 Pentonville RoadKings CrossLondon, United Kingdom N1 9NL
Time: Wednesday, May 31 at 7:00 PM
Quantity: 1
Delivery: Venue Pickup

Ticket face value: 10.00
Service fee: 1.20
Total charges: 11.20

buy here
edit: 14/02/06
christ. the minute i take my vow of national silence, they announce a tour.

they're supporting the Editors, who i saw last year when they were only wee and playing with we are scientists.. and they were good back then, and doubtless even better now...

glasgow Academy - May 28
manchester Apollo - May 29
london - Brixton Academy May 30
london Scala - May 31

what a fabby thing to find on valentines day. maybe it's a sign that they'll *all* be my husbands after all. not in a sexeh way, you understand, just to feed me grapes and play me music.

edit 07/03: and yet another thing
they've also gone and released a bonus expanded gold plated and diamond encrusted (as far as my wallet's concerned) version of alligator.
here's a link to the extras online for people that bought the original version. which is really nice, they're kind of compensating for the fleecing sensation invoked by repackaged, re-releases of new material...
but i'm a sucker for packaging!!! grrrr!!! next stupid loan instalment...


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