Monday, December 19, 2005

happy xmas to me part II

right. the student loan arrived. i haven't gone to sweden (yet). i have, however, ordered a second hand violin off ebay, taken the kids to the vets, painted my kitchen and treated myself to these:

for those thinking they have gone blind, that's a very poor photo of a bottle of 10 y/o macallan - matured in bourbon and sherry casks - and a 12 y/o 'special release' lagavulin (which we realised the next day was meant to be drunk 1 part whisky 2 part water. we were doing it straight.)

which *would* be fine. except i've had an extremely drunken weekend, about a third of the whole lot left and a lot of bruises.

damn my eyes (and my liver)

edit: 6.55pm. the viledin has arrived - hurrah! the teach yourself violin book hasn't - boo! however, i *have* just knocked out a screechy but accurate version of twinkle twinkle little star, after it being in my possession for fifteen minutes. vanessa mae, watch your back.


Blogger *shattered star said...

Most bottles tend to look like that first one once you've had a few...but I know nothing about whiskey-- just give me a jamesons or jack and I'm set!

violins can sound kinda cat-strangulatory, but I love violin lady of Arcade Fire :)

happy nearly-xmas!

7:33 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

noo! you will learn the error of your ways in the way of whisky, grasshopper..

yes i love her too, and her voice. happy nearly-xmas to you too petal!


12:43 am  

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