Saturday, December 03, 2005

woo! I'm drunk!

and i have just returned from our works' xmas night out

i work for a very small recruitment agency, while studying. there are four other ladies in my office, most of which also work part time. we also have offices in sheffield, york and manchester.

tonight was our works do and all of us got together in a v. posh hotel in leeds for a slap-up all-expenses-paid meal. and a free bar. and taxis paid for.

i have spent the latter part of the evening sampling every single malt whisky behind the bar for free.

i then came out to two of my leeds colleagues. they were fine.

i have stolen a bottle of wine (with the encouragement of the sheffield office) to bring home with me.

god i have never had a better job in my life.

it rocks. x


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