Thursday, November 24, 2005

the national - spreading the word

"i'm a perfect piece of ass... i'm a festival, i'm a parade..."

last week i filled my time chasing across england after a band.
i've posted about them before.
i am slightly obsessed (in a good way, right?).

i reckon it's time for a warning that the photos are being developed, the interview is being posed and a fairly large post is to come...

on a similar tack, i'd like to talk about steve. i only ever see him at gigs. he lives and breathes music. i've never been to a gig he wasn't at, and i've never had a conversation with him that wasn't about bands. if he stays on at a club night after a gig, he'll be tapping you on the shoulder every five minutes on the dance floor to discuss the new four tet ep, or (insert random band)'s upcoming gig. i *think* he works, but i'm not sure (i can't imagine him doing anything other than working in a record store) and he's just *so* into stuff. it's impossible to talk to him without him mentioning about fifteen bands you've never heard of and will never get around to hearing. he rocks, in a 'music is my life' kinda way.

i'm not *that* far into music-obsession. yet. is making me feel extra nerdy (but it's v much recommended - see links on right) but i'm finding some ace stuff on there. i also had a whisky-fuelled conversation over the weekend with one of the band i was chasing, who sagely commented that we're all strange, we're all obsessive, we all have our own ridiculous traits but that's not at all a bad thing (or words to that effect. actually, i could have got that completely wrong. there was whisky involved) which has made me feel less weird.

and damn your eyes m, you've talked me into following clogs around next year. see you down the front? :)

edit: yup, half the pics are back :)

so, yeah, i legged it round the country on buses and trains to see the national.

wow, certainly an intense man
and again


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