Sunday, November 13, 2005

all cows eat marmalade

yes, i'm meant to be doing essays. in fact, i *am* doing essays but have decided that i haven't done enough procrastination today. only 200 words left so don't worry, i'll be fine.

harking back to the fine post about ridiculous uni notes, i've managed to glean yet more.

again, from 'tricks of style'

" all cows eat marmalade
premise: this creature is a cow
compliment: therefore it eats marmalade.

Do all cows really eat marmalade? You would have to go and interview every cow in the universe to determine that. Which would be impossible, obviously, because you'd always end up missing out the one cow that doesn't eat marmalade".

ms chris bousfield, lecturer of pinkish hair and fantastic boots, i think i may love you


Blogger Jim Bliss said...

Lucky you. When I was studying philosophy, we had the same point illustrated by the statement "All crows are black". Pretty damn dull compared with marmalade-eating cows.

1:53 am  

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