Sunday, December 04, 2005

pocket monster music

between us, the all the wine un-coolective kind of have nicknames
monster (me)
pocket (rich)
laura music (lau)

we are kind of talking about promoting/putting on gigs of ppl we like who are small and gigging, and doing 'all the wine' as a kind of sandwich in which they would be the filler.

i really want to put a 'promoted by pocket monster music' tag on any flyers we do for anything.

oh and while i'm blogging..

*this* showed up in my inbox the other day.

autobiography - chapter one

i was born, i got drunk, i caused trouble, i fell over. Then i got drunk again and fell over once more. After that i caused some trouble and then i fell over. As i got older i got drunk and fell over. You would have thought that i would learn to stop getting up but then just i was about to learn, i got drunk and fell over, later that day i got more drunk and fell over, then i was sick and then i drank more and fell over again. i fell drunk and got over, got fell dunk over. over drunk got fell. sick, trouble, drunk got over fell, drunk fell, got over drunk, sick fell.

the end.

from an Anonymous Source. i very like it.


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