Monday, April 10, 2006

defense de fumer

i've just got back from a wee break in glasgow (following a manchester pit stop, a thomas truax gig, a rave ring/zine swap and a missed train).
being an enthusiastic smoker with intentions to quit "sometime", i didn't have a clue how i was going to get through my pool and beer arrangements, apart from my plastic cigarette and nicotine bullets (read: nicorette inhalator).

in reality, it's actually been really good.

the point that i could smoke *outside* had completely escaped me. however, my hostesses flat was on a third floor, and the smoking out the kitchen window had been abolished along with smoking in pubs.

i ended up having 2 fags while i was out, and going outside for two before i went to bed.
(on the last one, i got propositioned - didn't realise that an orange duffle coat, dm's and wild hair were 'working girl' uniform - and offered 'brown' within the space of about 5 minutes. i don't think they meant hp sauce).

i really enjoyed the unsmokiness of the pub. i don't think i've ever actually experienced that before.

i also realised, on my climbing back *up* three flights of stairs post-fagarette, that i really *do* need to quit. also, how smokey i smelled - i noticed this more so than i normally would (socialising with smokers kind of makes it a lot less noticeable, i guess).

i was surprised that the smoking ban in scotland also covers 'open' train station platforms, but i guess it makes sense.

i'm also amazed that i haven't even contemplated ripping anyone's head off, having spent twelve hours on coaches and trains this weekend sans fags (and weirdly not getting the urge to bother with the plastic one).
in the past, the closest i've really come to trying to quit was a 24 hour good-intentioned nicotine patch trial. i smoked within about six hours of putting it on, and took it off again shortly after.
otherwise, it's been whenever i've been so poor that i can't afford fags (those, cat food and litter are the three 'basics' that my house will not function without) and my immediate reaction was to sob hysterically and seek out wine. that only happened a couple of times about five years ago, so i've been more or less fully nicotined up since the age of eighteen, i guess. i'm feeling like it might be time to try and stop and see what happens.

i never thought i'd say this, but i'm quite looking forward to the ban coming in force over here...


Blogger kiwi said...

YESH!! still seriously affectionating the ban here - we went down the polo to have a mini meet with mrs d and justsam and that's the first time i've been in since the ban - BLOODY MARVELLOUS!!

1:49 pm  

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