Saturday, April 01, 2006


well now.

about thirty copies of the zine are across the globe (one's in oz, or on its way there...). and one has randomly reunited me with someone lovely that i haven't spoken to for over five years...

i'm off to wales in a fortnight, and the exam and essay and deadline hell is over, as of yesterday lunchtime. *counts on fingers* i had five essay deadlines, a presentation and two exams in something like a seven day chunk. and a list of mitigating circumstances the length of my arm.

about half the stuff was re-sit/re-submission. well, sit and submission, to be more precise - i had a huge crisis of confidence last semester, bottled the december exams and didn't hand coursework in (despite having done it. educational shrink, here i come... ) one of the exams was a pre-seen paper, so i had plenty of time to prepare (what i thought were) fairly good answers for the re-sit.

it was on wednesday. i checked the exam timetable on monday, to find the questions were posted on there too. they were a completely different set, and had a bit underneath that said they had been mailed to all students re-sitting.
the office, up until three weeks ago, had been sending my mail to an address i haven't lived at for over a year (except, for some reason, the corporate style leeds met xmas card, which reached me just fine). it took them fifteen minutes to tell me that they 'think' the stuff got sent to my current address.
i bumped into my course leader after the exam, who reckons the questions are sent out recorded delivery, so they should be able to confirm if and where mine got delivered to. i'm well pissed off, at them and at myself for not realising that the questions would be different. oh well, all i need to do is pass, and i think i answered ok enough to manage that.

i weirdly enjoyed yesterday's exam. the role of women and gender divisions in victorian england, debating whether the industrial revolution could actually be dubbed an industrial evolution..

for one of my history modules focussing on west yorkshire, the industrial revolution and its legacies, i have a presentation after easter. i'm going to talk about the rhubarb triangle and take my group up the town hall clock tower (not a euphemism). the joy of having a housemate who works in high places :)

so. last night i had a budget celebratory night in with a bottle of wine and longdistance catch-up with glasgow ladies (who i'm visiting next weekend - hurray!) and various other cross-country reprobates. thank goodness i didn't go out. i ended up in bed at half past ten, and woke up this morning to find i was still wearing my boots and had half a bottle of wine left. that was at an alarming twenty past six. i went outside and watched the sunrise with a cat, a coffee and a cigarette. screeched quietly on the violin for a bit (the housemate keeps weird hours and was already up and about, so no worries about waking him) and did a bit of blog reading...

which leads me on to the point of this post.

a while ago, i heard david byrne for the first time. really liked it, and promptly forgot to check some out when i got home. until this post popped up on the quiet road. so i soulseeked a little, and this is the first thing that's come through...
great stuff.

David Byrne - U.B. Jesus

Sunrise, I'm still dancing
Girlfriend, she's my champion
Swing low, pull me over
Hey - be my savior

Blood, Skin
Show me the book
Don't understand the language that they spoke

Don't pity me
Have pity on yourself
You might know Jesus but you'll all join in hell

Shine On Sister!
Don't need a book to put your hand in the fire
Shine On Sister!
Come on in cause it's cold outside

Kiss Me!
Kiss Me!
I can tell your name by the markings on your face

U. B. Jesus
Makin' my way & I'm lovin' my life
Kiss Me!
Kiss Me!
Swing so crazy like the way you ride

Maybe I'm gonna fry in hell
But I feel good when I'm dyin' myself
In a smokey place, In my girlfriends car
Threw out the map when we drove to far

Jesus is big
Jesus is strong
Jesus'll kill you if you don't get along

Jesus can swing
Jesus has skills
Go on & try it if you don't believe he will

Jump Back, Jump Back
Givin' me a heart attack
Fall down, Fall down
Sweeter than a cherry bomb

Sweet Thing, Sweet Thing
Steppin' on your violin
Space Boy, Fly Girl
Living in the underworld

Shine On Sister!
Don't need a book to put your hand in the fire
Shine On Sister!
Come on in cause it's cold outside

Jesus is cool (or cruel?)
Jesus is scared
Baby you are the only car I drive

Foolin around
Foolin myself
Baby you are the only car I drive

Easy to touch
Easy to find
Baby you are the only car I drive

Melts in my mouth
Melts in the hand
Baby you are the only car I drive

Outta my skin
Outta my life
Baby you are the only car I drive
The only car I drive

i shall check out 'remain in light' over the next three weeks of glorious easter holidays.


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