Saturday, April 01, 2006

all the wires

well, i had all the wine. all of us are too hectic at the moment to properly sort out starting up again, but we did get involved in a bit of promoting recently.. kind of by accident.

pocket's mate's band, detwiije, asked him to sort out a gig at our local, and said they would bring the fantastically-titled beyond this point are monsters with them. so he roped me and laura music in... we arranged for a couple of other acts, the divine fran rodgers and the mighty quack quack to play too, and we dj'd in between sets.

it went well, considering we were too skint to do 'proper' flyering and stuff.
the bands and fran were excellent.

cheered by the relative success, i'm looking to put some stuff on at the holy trinity in town at some point. i have a few bands in mind, and they're pretty diverse. the only thing they have in common that i can think of (other that i like them) is that some of their instruments have strings. emails to send and updates to be given later..

ooh and quack quack have a new single out. it's very good. isn't it time you treated yourself? go on, you deserve it...


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