Friday, March 17, 2006

cwwn - for love or money

Contemporary Women's Fiction in the Marketplace conference.

the literary nerd in me is slavering.

a not-quite mysterybenefactress has funded the accommodation part, and will be repaid on the next stupid loan instalment, as will others for the registration fee and food.


the schedule.

Friday 21st April, 2006

Keynote Speaker – Michèle Roberts

Saturday 22nd April, 2006

Panel One

A. Economies of Excess: Genre and the Marketplace

Melanie Waters (University of Newcastle), ‘“The Facts of her Life”: The Currency of (Female) Confession in the Literary Marketplace’
Becky Munford (University of Exeter), ‘Feeding (off) the Literary Marketplace: Gothic Romance and (Inter)textual Excess in Contemporary Women’s Writing’

B. Contextualising the Woman Writer

Peta Mayer (Melbourne University), ‘Book Writes Author: Hotel du Lac, Anita Brookner and the Biographical Impulse of the Literary Marketplace’
Susan Watkins (Leeds Metropolitan University), ‘The “Jane Somers” Hoax: Doris Lessing, Gender, Aging and the Cult of the (Young) Celebrity Women Writer’
Mary Eagleton (Leeds Metropolitan University), ‘Mapping Contemporary Women’s Fiction’

Panel Two

A. Sarah Waters and Her Contexts

Paulina Palmer (Birkbeck UL & Warwick University), ‘She began to show me the words she had written one by one’: Lesbian Readership, its Cultural and Commercial Construction, and its Role in the Fiction of Sarah Waters’
Heather Emmens (Queen’s University, Ontario), ‘“Nancy, Where’s Your Troosers?”: BBC TV Adaptations of Contemporary Lesbian Novels’
Mark Llewellyn (University of Liverpool), ‘Queer Commerce: The Marketing of Sarah Waters’

B. Jeanette Winterson and her Contexts

Sonia Maria Melchiorre (Univeristà della Tuscia), ‘“Our Glorious Celebration of Love”: Shaw, Warner and Winterson’s The Powerbook on the Italian Stage’
Pauline MacPherson (University of Dundee), ‘“Fictions Can Change: It’s Only the Facts that Trap Us”: Images of Female Sexuality from Oranges to Velvet’
Ginette Carpenter (Manchester Metropolitan University), “What is it you want?”: The Woman Writer and Reader in Winterson’s The PowerBook’

Panel Three

A. Family Hauntings

Sinead McDermott (University of Limerick), ‘Kate Atkinson’s Family Romances’
Lucie Armitt (University of Wales, Bangor), ‘Dark Departures: Contemporary Women’s Writing after the Gothic’
Sarah Gamble (University of Wales, Swansea), ‘“The Present is Only the Past Amended”: The Uncanny Cityscapes of Maggie O’Farrell’s My Lover’s Lover’

B. Rewritings of Historical Fiction

K. Elizabeth Spillman (University of Wales, Bangor), ‘Alternative Austens: Rewriting, Revising, Representing’
Lynette Frey (Murdoch University), ‘The Abridged Subject: Women’s Fictions into Film’
Liedeke Plate (Radboud University Nijmegen), ‘Whatever Happened to Re-Vision? Feminist Rewritings and the Classics Revisited’

Panel Four

A. Teaching Women’s Writing

Sonya Andermahr (University of Northampton), ‘“Selling” Feminist Fiction in the 21st Century Classroom’
Deborah Wynne (University of Chester), ‘Tipping the Canon: Teaching Contemporary Women’s Writing in Higher Education’
Mary McNally (University of Derby), ‘“Gendered Voices”, or is it Necessary/Desirable to have a Module with the title Contemporary Women’s Writing/Fiction in the 21st Century?’

B. Chick Lit. vs Women’s writing

Kaye Mitchell (University of Westminster), ‘On Not Being a “Woman Writer”: A.L. Kennedy and the Gendering of Literary Form and Content’
Karin E. Westman (Kansas State University), ‘Seeing Bridget Jones, Seeing England’
Emma Parker (University of Leicester), ‘Sold on Love: Michèle Roberts and Romance’

Keynote Speaker: Sarah Waters

Sunday 23rd April, 2006

Panel Five

A. Reel Lives: The Woman Writer and the Contemporary Bio-Pic

Josephine Dolan (University of the West of England), ‘The Tension of The Hours’
Suzy Gordon (University of the West of England), ‘Knowing Sylvia’
Estella Tincknell (University of the West of England), ‘Iris and the Impossibility of Female Authorship’

B. Adaptations to Film

Charlotte Beyer (University of Gloucestershire), ‘Rabbit-Proof Fence: Text and Film’

11.30–1pm Panel Six

A. Three Women Writers: Margaret Atwood, Fay Weldon, A. S. Byatt

Imelda Whelehan (Leicester De Montfort University), ‘“The Bloodless Revolution”: Feminism, Publishing and the Mass Media in Weldon’s Big Women’
Katsura Sako (University of Warwick), ‘A Portrait of A. S. Byatt, an Academic, Critic and Novelist: Synthesis of Critical and Imaginative Minds’
Kiriaki Massoura (Northumbria University), ‘Human Body and Language versus Cyborg Body and Science: Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake’

B. Women and Cultural Violence

Clare Hanson (Loughborough University), ‘Bestselling Bodies: post-feminist post-mortems, post-mortem post-feminisms’
Gina Wisker (Anglia Ruskin University), ‘Moving beyond Theft and Waste: Postcolonial Women’s Gothic’
Edith Frampton (San Diego State University), ‘From the Nobel to Oprah: High Culture, the Marketplace and Toni Morrison’

A Party in honour of the career of Dr Margaret Beetham

Introduced by Dr Elspeth Graham.

Includes Buffet Lunch

Inaugural AGM of the CWWN, Chaired by Mary Eagleton, Reader in English, Leeds Metropolitan University.


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