Tuesday, March 07, 2006

south dakota tightens abortion laws

... making it a crime for doctors to perform terminations unless a womans life is at risk and forbids exceptions in cases of rape or incest.
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an anonymous donor has given $1m to back the new laws should they be challenged in court. and winsconsin pro-lifers are getting giddy

Planned Parenthood, the state's only abortion clinic, have vowed to challenge the new laws. they also have a 'donate now' button on their site.

this is one of the supreme council, relatively recently elected, whose influence is being credited with 'encouraging' the attitudes which enabled the bill to get passed..... he also recently voted to uphold all restrictions in Pennyslvania law, requiring a woman to notify her husband before an abortion.

the first i'd heard of any of this was when i checked out the excellent biting beaver site, for the first time in too long. the idea posted gave a simple and effective message - in "supporting" the bill, they sent the governor's office wire coathangers, as the state health agencies would 'need vast stockpiles of these to handle the demand'.

good luck to planned parenthood.

international opposition to the usa's increasingly right wing anti-abortion/anti-sex education/pig ignorance and, in terms of hiv prevention and education, wilful accessory to manslaughter (sorry if that's too emotive, but they're effectively abetting preventable deaths) is emerging.

a recent post by merrick on bristling badger details an International Planned Parenthood Federation report, produced at the behest of the UK government's Department for International Development. it concluded that 19 million women (200 a day) will have unsafe abortions this year. 70,000 of these women will die agonising appalling deaths because of the procedure.
on election, the bush administration issued a 'global gag' order, which cut funding to international agencies who wished to offer support to women seeking abortions.
In the light of the report, a fund called the Global Safe Abortion Programme is being set up specifically to replace the money withdrawn by the usa due to the 'global gag'. The founder donor of the fund is the UK government's DfID.
(thanks to merrick for that, and apologies for the paraphrased repost)


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