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all the wine

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all the wine was a night that myself, pocket rich and laura music did at baby jupiter in leeds.

a nice little quiet kooky bar with good music policies and red wine galore.
we spent several nights of fags, wine, notebooks and arguing, trying to come up with a name for it, and one night, i texted pocket drunkenly exclaiming that it Had To Be all the wine. couldn't remember it the next day, like, but we all agreed it worked.

so, we proposed the idea to the manager, he liked it, and we started off in november as 'beautiful losers' (leonard cohen reference, pre-drunken inspiration). we then renamed it, did a couple more and after xmas went weekly.

we played all sorts of goodness. playlists for the last 2 months are on the webs(h)ite, with a few sparkly songs and tunes of great beauty :)

we've had great fun doing it, but unfortunately it didn't quite gel with a couple of the regulars at the bar, and we had quite a few problems with flyers getting done on time and stuff.... there was also the fact that it wasn't really near anything in town that the people that came down went to (apart from possibly the purple door strip club)..

so we had our final one last thursday. all the wine was all for us - we finished all the red in baby j's and had a great time doing so.

we plan to re-surface at another venue in leeds soon, and are busy preparing stuff for places to give them an idea of what we're about and what we'd like to do.

we're also planning a summer mini-festival, all the wires, probably at the brudenell or common place, if they'll let us. there are some incredible bands expressing interest, so we need to get our butts into gear and get Organised.

updates as and when :)

oh and just because i'm absolutely obsessive about it, here's our final playlist. no last goodbye on it though :)


concretes - can't hurry love
sons & daughters - fight
tindersticks - bathtime
lilium - lover
raveonettes - love in a trash can
smog - palimpest
los super 7 feat. lyle lovett- my window faces the south
pink mountain tops - plastic man you're the devil


pela - all in time
arcade fire - laika
idlewild - happy to be here
beth orton - bobby gentry
devastations - can i take you home?
the national - friend of mine
electrelane - i'm on fire
western suburbs - keep on truckin'
king creosote - 678


love - alone again or
dragon rapide - there is no sherman in illina's
royal city - bad luck
neil young - loner
the prisoners - til the morning light
the national - beautiful head
papa m - beloved woman
interpol - the new
13th floor elevators - barnyard blues


cat power - (can't get no) satisfaction
gram parsons - to love somebody
nick cave - brompton oratory
calexico - quattro
micah p hinson - as you can see
the sadies - the curdled journey
jim white - static on the radio
johnny cash - wichita lineman
tom waits - hold on


devastations - under
clayhill - cuban green
the books - 12 fold chain
calexico & iron and wine - sixteen maybe more
go! team - everyone's a vip to someone
marah - the dishwasher's dream
nick drake - strange meeting II
lali puna - middle curse
the flying burrito brothers - hippie boy


off his tits and forgot how to use a pen again.


the national - all the wine (black sessions 2005)
rem - 1,000,000

* n*******l fans, try right clicking the links on the site, opening in a new window and fiddling with the 'page number' at the end of the address.. tip: make it a higher number than '5'. you might find something you like.



Blogger *shattered star said...

Hey, the playlist sounds fab, hope you find another venue...might have to mission it up to Leeds some time for the all the wine experience ;)

btw, the national tracks don't seem to be working...but my pc is old and crappy, so maybe blame that.


4:00 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

nah, it'll be my internet ineptitude...
i don't actually know *how* to make a website, i'm just making it up as i go along. the recent veldt video posting was through myspace, clicking on 'view source' and hoping to god i'd copied and pasted the right bit onto here...

i WILL email you! right now!!!

and i will let you know first if we get another gig.

in fact, we're stepping into promotion and putting 4 fantastic acts on at the end of the month at the local...
it's on a tuesday.
should you fancy a trip up, let me know & i shall start researching the b&b's
(new people do not get sofa accommodation on a first visit: new rule i am Sensibly Instigating. and no offence meant or anything).

10:45 pm  

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