Sunday, October 02, 2005

bring and buy

wow! the best ever bring & buy today at the brudenell social in leeds (they are raising funds for soundproofing)

for the princely sum of four quid, i have come away with:

a yellow bison t-shirt (or is it a buffalo? i always get confused)
a badger mirror
a virgin mary magnet
an angela carter edited anthology called 'wayward girls and wicked women'
a cd of 'horse hospital: dame darcy and banjo pete' (with dame darcy on singing saw)
tex la homa's 'you the listener' ep, which i've never seen anywhere else, nor met anyone else that's heard of him

and that's not all

for a whole £1 (included in the above four quid expenditure, don't worry), i got five raffle tickets.
i have won 2 tickets to hyde park cinema and a £10 voucher for one of the local international supermarkets.

hurray for fundraisers and the bizarre luck that seems to have followed me about this week!


Blogger zoe said...

just thought y'all might like to know that the 'dame darcy and banjo pete' cd only stayed on for 30 seconds. it hurt my ears :(

8:35 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

and dammit. it's not a buffalo *or* a bison, it's a fucking bull.
damn my eyes.

11:42 am  

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