Monday, September 05, 2005

my drugs hell

as Chat magazine would surely call it... might sell my story to them....
it started with going over to a friends on friday night for birthday drinks, and ended on sunday evening with me waking up wearing my (gay)* ex boyfriends pants. with approximately 30 hours sleep in the midst of it all.

i have had the funniest weekend of my life. messages from other people we were with reveal that we were doing spectacular cartwheels on saturday night, that ex b/f went to the pub on sunday morning (which he wasn't sure happened), and that a good time was had by all. which is a relief.

a very very bad (in a good way) lady called claire fed us drugs. ex b/f, who is a clean living vegan whose previous drug experiences consist of half a space cake in amsterdam with paranoid results, surprisingly decided that saturday night was the night he would take speed for the first time. i, at that point, was untainted and only drinking lager. we danced in the cockpit like bastards, crazy jumping and singing and general joyfulness and sweating.

we went back to c's house with claire and others, doing a lot of talking shite and making each other laugh incredibly hard. found out ex b/f has a foot fetish, which i wonder how i didn't discover in the 9 months we were together. claire decided it would be a Good Thing if we each snorted half a pill. i didn't disagree. i'm no drugs guru myself, i have never snorted anything before in my life and generally don't do anything other than pot.
this was about half six in the morning. my memory has big gaps after that.

what happened next? i woke up in ex b/f's pants (i *think* i demanded them after chucking beer all over my jeans), next to ex b/f and a house devoid of people. we cracked up at each other when we realised we didn't know if it was sunday or monday, or indeed if it was six in the morning or six in the evening. ex b/f decided the best way to find out would be to put the radio on ?! made perfect sense at the time.

i haven't laughed as much as i did yesterday evening for months and months and months. an absolutely perfect weekend, fantastic company and such a feeling of absolute joy compared to the way i've been feeling recently.
much much more of this please (and i don't mean the drugs)

*well obviously not completely gay. also nice to know that i was man enough for him heheheh


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