Friday, September 09, 2005

it's a new dawn, it's a new day...

for a while, i was going down the 'life sucks' path. i was literally lost for words - i felt completely unable to articulate what i felt or why, all i knew for sure was that i felt i was in the emotional equivalent of a murky pond, getting stuck in the weeds and couldn't see even the dim light above the surface because i was so far down on the rocks.
and now? i've found my tongue again (obviously one of the cats had it), and the murky pond scenario has transformed to feeling like i'm on a lilo on the bluest, calmest sea in the sunshine :)
i can breathe again.

and it's probably not the most appropriate time to quote these lyrics, having tottered into work pink-eyed with whiskey breath and a mild hangover, but james yorkstone puts it brilliantly in 'sweet jesus' (from 'moving up country' 2002)

"i've been drinking less and sleep comes to me
if this is life, touch wood, it's easy"


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