Wednesday, September 14, 2005

housemate tasered!

my housemate works in the town hall, where international association of women police conference thing is going on. despite the fact that he is neither a woman nor in the police, he got to wander around their exhibition for a while yesterday.
they were offering ppl the chance to be 'tasered', in order to see what it feels like and also to show it's non-lethal benefits in comparison to, oh, say, shooting someone in the head.
my housemate said it felt really weird, and had 2 ppl holding him up while he was 'shot' so he didn't fall to the ground in a convulsing heap.
what i'm most surprised by is that he didn't have to fill in *any* kind of disclaimer, answer any questions about his health etc etc
i'm suprised due to this: amnesty report
housemate *did* bring home a very pretty 'black police officers' mug freebie, which was nice of him.


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