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girl singing in the wreckage....

Wed 18th Feb 2009

The Luminaire presents BLACK BOX RECORDER + Guests

Doors 7.30 £8 via WeGotTickets and TicketWeb £10 door

Black Box Recorder first came to national prominence in 1998 when their debut album ‘England Made Me’ – a state of the nation address influenced by the occult, the letters page of the Daily Telegraph, and Limoncello – garnered rave reviews. The fabulously glamorous and sophisticated trio, of Sarah Nixey, Luke Haines, and John Moore, first met at the 1997 theosophical conference in Cairo, Egypt. On their return journey back to London fate intervened when their 737 airbus crashed into the Italian Alps. Moore, Nixey and Haines were the only survivors of this terrible disaster. After 6 months convalescence in a private hospital, the trio found that as a result of the air crash they had developed highly attuned psychic powers. Black Box Recorder were born.

By 2000, the group had honed their ESP to such an extent that their second album ‘The Facts Of Life’ was a worldwide smash hit. The album’s title track rose to the giddy heights of the top ten on the UK singles chart, and the group performed what came to be known as ‘The Great Top Of The Pops Working.’ By 2003 BBR had released ‘Passionoia’ an album so ahead of its time that it predicted things that had already happened. As a result of such far-sightedness the group were forced to take an extended hiatus. Sarah Nixey busied herself with freelance work for the MOD, whilst Haines and Moore continued their studies in shrubbery. They are, to this day, highly regarded in the cactus world.

Presently, Black Box Recorder have decided to continue the mission by kindly agreeing to play a headline date at London’s Luminaire live music venue, on February 18th 2009. If you intend to attend please dress smartly (Fez’s are now optional)

God Bless Black Box Recorder.


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