Tuesday, January 13, 2009

climate rush - northern style

Out of hours right to protest

Manchester airport 12th January

Freedom of expression between the hours of six thirty and nine o' clock occurred yesterday at Manchester Airport's Terminal Three. A protest was held by Climate Rush, in a designated zone, away from all passengers and prying eyes with a cordon for the press and some police horses. The press had their own pen, pens and, um, penises?.

Approximately a(two) hundred protestors genteelly descended to make their views on airport expansion known. Edwardian dress was the order of the day, and we didn't disappoint. Top hats and tails, corsets, shawls and a street urchin all made an appearance.

The police were trying to beat us at our own game by leafleting – colour flyers detailing the restrictions on the protest and specifying which lines we were not allowed to cross. We weren't allowed to enter the building without taking a flyer.

Police deployment was so large in Operation Overkill that they predicted up to two hundred baby eating anarchists ready to dissemble planes. Or a bunch of students , or a few anarchotroublemakers and chaos merchants (which is what they got). In return, they had horses outside, a fair few employees on overtime, and also had waiting tactical support unit vans crammed with 20 officers each.

Protestors confirmed their initial thoughts of direct action being the Only Way.

The protest consisted of : a fantastic banner, many people, a string duet (half a quartet, at least); picnic a-plenty, and a brief spiderman impression.

We came, we ate, we danced, we Made Our Feelings Known.

There was (that we know of) one arrest. He'd told me beforehand that he was going to go for it, so i lent him a book to read in the cells, before he made his arrestable dash.

nice work, flower :)

The protest was against airport expansion and domestic flights. In a time of recession and climate crisis, government money should be spent on improvements to rail, trams, and buses, not on subsidies and infrastructure for the aviation industry.

We have waited too long and been misled too many times. It is time for us to take control and to lead social change.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey lovely,

Really cool to meet you in a random yet quite groovy way.

Hope to see you again soon and loadsa love,

PS How's the scarf lookin'?

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Blogger zoe said...

jennie, you shall indeed see me again soon.

i'm homelessed (again) as of 4th april.

i'm looking fr a northern cooperative base. any linky contacty people you may have would be useful.
er, aye.

scarf is lookin' for it's fourth ball of wool, and shan't finish until i meet jed again :)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why would editor keep a thread up about me and my friends in community chat. Those kind of threads are against his own forum rules! allthough it wouldnt be the first time Mike Solocombe broke his own forum rules. clearly he is trying maek himself out as a victim in all this yet he is the one posting up deframtory threads and then allowing user to embarras several friends of mine by splashing email addresses across the page.

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Blogger zoe said...


(that's not including me and jen. obviously).

thank you.

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